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GMUNK, 19 years in the making

GMUNK is one of the baddest – always sharing knowledge and pushing things forward. From the early days of Flash to current groundbreaking projects, he’s always a force for the good. This Motionographer article is a good read – also, do check out his recently updated website. I relate to his words about the personal website…a refresh to my own is long overdue.  Part of that delay is the changing nature of how viewers want to process information in a streamlined way, which sometimes negates the experience one wants to create in the website, and how to balance between both.

Animated Visual Essays

I’ve followed the New York Times’ Modern Love series for years, the column and podcasts- made even better in 2013 (I think) when they introduced the animated videos. Stylistically varied and always visually striking – illustrating the feeling behind it through the animations – they are all worth watching. I have some favorites I should write about another time.

Anyway…The New York Times has introduced a new series about Conception.
Motionographer has a great write-up and interviews with directors from the new series.
They also mentioned the CNN Colorscope series which I hadn’t seen (I can’t seem to keep up with all the good stuff though I try, I try!) … I just watched a few of them (pink: Giant Ant, blue: Moth, lots of other greats) and they are worth the time.