Game changer

I’ve been laying low the last months. Staying busy but finding it hard to put down thoughts. My father died suddenly in April – I am grieving, still processing, broken hearted. More on that later. But this one is in honor of my father, a research scientist, a game changer, among many other things.

An ultra-reflective white paint has been developed by engineers at Purdue University.

This white paint is the result of research building on attempts going back to the 1970s to develop radiative cooling paint as a feasible alternative to traditional air conditioners.

By incorporating barium sulphate particles, the paint is 98.1% reflective…Their idea was to create paint to reflect sunlight away from a building.

Such paints are considered to be a potential game-changer for keeping the planet – particularly cities – cooler and reducing electricity use; buildings with a coating of this would need to rely far less on energy-hungry air conditioning.

Here’s to the game changers – thank you for thinking differently, for pushing things forward.