By Design

Take the 20 minutes needed to watch this film, “Segregated by Design.”

Richard Rothstein, author of The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America, narrates the visuals designed and animated by Mark Lopez of Silkworm Studio.

It’s a good reminder that our current pres may be the face representing ugly truths about this country, but that the depth of prejudice and oppression against minorities, specifically African Americans, in the United States, has a long and powerful history of deliberate design.

Red zone property values, highways designed to interrupt African American neighborhoods, and other unconstitutional policies exploiting and targeting people and neighborhoods, preventing economic advancement.

You probably know about these policies already, but lest we forget – similar policies of systemic oppression are designed, delivered, and enforced, in current times. Watch – listen – learn – fight the power.

On behalf of our government, we must change to make things better.

Powered by Honda

The new Honda ad from Digitas UK is striking in its style and pace.

From the first frames, the ad plays like a Transformers sequence – 2D lines and bold swatches of color, racing quickly by the viewer. The ad showcases a variety of Honda vehicles (including planes + speedboats), and closes with real footage of racing vehicles.

It’s not the first Honda ad that has carried a unique style – this one by PES is still one of my favorites.