Whack World

Though I didn’t get to experience Whack World when it first came out, I’ve been following Tierra Whack since I saw her Unemployed video in 2019.

Check her music and videos out if you haven’t seen them yet!! So good. I love that her music and videos are consistently smart and funny. I love that she can rock a different look in each video and just be herself. It’s more than refreshing when people can laugh at themselves.

I had the plague (Covid) in January and my head still feels like it’s not quite my own…hard to find words and what I mean to say, so for now I’m going to link to a few of the directors she worked with for some of my favorite videos of hers. Still going through tracks and discovering, but noting here to come back to later.

Whack World is presented as “A Visual And Auditory Project by Tierra Whack”. The videos were directed by Thibaut Duverneix…great details and interesting transitions take the viewer from one track to the next.

Unemployed, directed by Cat Solen, has a great aesthetic – just the right kind of weird, I can’t get it out of my head. “Got a job I gotta do, I get down and dirty too.”

Mumbo Jumbo, by Marco Prestini, is a different look. Smart and horrifying (like Get Out … too close to real).

Stand Up – directed by Daniel Brennan / Powered by Wind. Funky distortions in the visuals to match the audio vibe.

But this one is what I’m feeling most right now. Heaven directed by Alex Lill. Simple visually, but rich and deep. Thinking always about two dear people I lost in the last years. My father. My best friend since college days. And other people in my heart – I wish I could see your faces.

Grateful to Tierra Whack for her music and vision. This article puts it so well: “Transforming those early clashes with colorism into something beautiful, and borderline afro-surreal in scope, demanded a special kind of mojo. Cultivating one’s self worth requires effort.”