Camera work

I recently purchased a Canon EOS 6D with 50mm Nikon lens for stop motion work…I had forgotten what fun it is shooting with a beautiful lens. I’ll post some images later.
I read a CR write-up on music videos directed by Oscar Hudson, and am really digging the way he pushes his methods in each video.
With this video, shot from 300mm using an Ultra Long Range Military Grade Thermal Surveillance Camera – Hudson credited Young Fathers with sending the idea for thermal images, referencing Richard Mosse’s work. Mosse’s exhibition at the Barbican Curve included stills and a film, all shot from a distance using advanced thermographic weapon systems and border surveillance imaging technology.

“You have to remember it’s a military tool, it’s not designed for telling stories,” Mosse explained to CR at the launch of Incoming at the Barbican. “It’s designed for detecting the enemy. So the fact that it has an extraordinary tonality … [it’s] an alienation effect almost, to push the viewer into an unfamiliar place, where they can see what happens to be quite a familiar subject in a new and perhaps refreshed way.”
Changing the look to something not quite human (is the viewer the one not quite human, or the subject).
From this video which explores a very small camera moving forward through shrinking environments, much like a stopmotion setup, to this one in which the camera pivots around on a swinging ark like a big ferris wheel, adding to the disturbing feeling of the video, Hudson is always pushing his methods in new ways.

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