Serious business

These recent ads by Anomaly London and Blink Ink (Alex Grigg x Joe Pelling) for Bulb (a renewable energy company in the U.K.) are lovely in their comedic timing and delivery, and the simplicity of line. It’s a serious business: making energy renewable, greener, cheaper…delivered in a form that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The fan made me laugh out loud:

The Replicator!

This is so cool – a new approach to 3D printing.

The Replicator works like a reverse CT scan, translating a 3D computer model into a full series (to describes the 360 degree rotation around the object) of 2D images that are projected into a container of resin – the areas of strongest light becomes solid. Article and video here! More flexible than layered 3D printing, and smoother results too. For medical applications this could be especially useful. Here’s to progress and always moving things forward.