Inspiration: Sougwen Chung + Shantell Martin

Sometimes I feel as if I might know a small window of the world of artists/drawings/animations, and then my mind is blown when I have extra time to research and explore rabbit holes on the internets.

I just discovered the art of Sougwen Chung. For the past few years she has been exploring collaborations with robots. Exquisite Corpus is an installation combining drawings, visual projections, sound, and biofeedback.

Earlier installations and works are explorations of line and form in space, engaging the audience in different ways.

I came across her work while looking at recent installations from the great Shantell Martin, who I’ve been following for a few years. Different styles but there is some intersection in how they explore line through 3D space (and as a 2D animator, I love this realm).

This image from a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar – I would have loved to see it live.

Who’s to say?

This article gave me a lot of hope:

From the unexpected fortune, which brings misfortune, which allows for a fortunate twist of events…who’s to say what’s good or bad? Only time will tell.

“We deceive ourselves if we think we have the capacity to say whether something is a success or a failure. Of course we can make a call based on the available evidence at the time, but if you take the long view, the truth can turn out to be different.

May we all be given an unexpected joy this holiday season…and may we be wise enough to welcome the joy.