Inspiration: Installation

There’s a lot of potential in this idea (Andreas Bjoern Hansen / BUCK) of setting up the animation across the screens/phones; I wonder if this could be utilized as visitors enter the gallery, prompting engagement with their own phones. Even possibilities for interactive storytelling between a central screen and handheld ones?

animated: Clay

Also posting to show students: this shot is perfect!

Pigeon Pilfer is Michael Stevenson’s 2008 senior film from San Francisco State University. It was completed in four months with sixty pounds of clay, a digital SLR camera, and one tiny room.” And Dragonframe.

animated: Typography

I remember this from years ago, but lost track of it…so posting this here to show students later.

Brent Barson + BYU students created this animation for the 5th annual Typophile Film Festival, using raw materials and Dragonframe.
Additional writeup on Motionographer (from years! ago).