Get in, make your point, and leave the stage: Rian Hughes

Creative Review’s interview with illustrator Rian Hughes re: his new graphic novel, I Am an Number.
Stylistically and in terms of message, it looks worth the read:
“Rian Hughes’ new book depicts a world in which everyone has a number. Order reigns, until some citizens start to question the numerals that adorn their chests and what they mean. When they challenge the system, things begin to fall apart.” Timely discussion.

But the last sentence of the interview is what struck me as solid advice; something to keep in mind with stories, whatever the platform, so I’m leaving it here for a reminder to self, in case I ever need it:

CR: What do you think is the secret of a successful graphic novel?RH: Personally? A clear concept, executed in an original and structurally appropriate fashion. A perfect marriage of form and content. It also helps to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Too many comic series, like long-running TV shows, are open-ended, and peter out rather than conclude. Everything, if it continues long enough, will eventually turn into a soap opera. Get in, make your point, and leave the stage.

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