Images and animation

I have long loved and followed the amazing work of William Kentridge.

He is always experimenting with format and technique, while keeping a consistent and recognizable style and subject.

He creates films using his charcoal drawings – he is an animator, yet remains firmly rooted and thriving in the art world. Perhaps because I arrived to animation after art, and have worked for years in the commercial realm, keeping one eye, hand and foot* in the more creative and artistic world, I admire his ability to do so and try to steer and navigate to do the same.

His installation, “The Refusal of Time,”from 2012, is a work about time, space and the legacies of colonialism and industry. He references early cinema, the science of time and imagery.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with anamorphic drawings, like the projections for his film “What Will Come“, which initially motivated me to revisit his work. Always inspiring – time well-spent

*if I’m lucky and work hard to do so!

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