Imagining the future

Certainly it’s time to admit that our current setups (transportation, housing, energy) are no longer viable and need immediate restructuring from the individual to largest scales…so imagining what the future of cities might look or sound like is important work.

Sounds have not been exploited to the extent our visual landscapes have been modified and structured, as host sites for advertisements and explorations of themes. But can they be used in a similar way?

This CR article brought up some interesting ideas…I especially liked thinking about how music can affect one’s mood “Interactive sonic façades on the side of public buildings could be designed specially to enhance the mood of the environment whilst also tempering background noise pollution.” Also, thinking about how sound can inform us, “…as we move into a screenless age where visual interaction is losing ground to voice recognition, the audible ‘earconography’ of the city will become ever more important. These will be short, nonintrusive and aesthetically pleasing sound sets that let consumers know they are interacting with or travelling through a certain branded or public space. “

food for thought-

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